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5G is the next or 5th generation of mobile communication and offers more than just faster mobile communication. Ultrafast, ubiquitous connectivity is transforming modern life and business. 5G is the latest and game-changing, evolutionary development. It facilitates new levels of interaction and enables applications of enormous social, economic and environmental value. It offers significantly increased speed, transmission consistency, reduced latency (delay) and power efficiency at around 10% of the power consumption of 4G. It also offers simultaneous delivery of multiple high bandwidth applications as networks can ‘sliced’ through programming rather than having to provide extra cables or signals. Indeed, network slicing  is just one factor that is set to disrupt both traditional and digital sectors.

It can handle applications that require greater bandwidth in a wireless setting such as virtual and augmented reality. It can also support the management of immense data sets such as those generated by IoT sensors and cameras. Operating continuously, these inform business intelligence decisions, actions and responses to improve many aspects of daily life.

Source - ResearchGate

5G Features infographic - ResearchGate
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Public 5G is starting to roll-out in Scotland, the UK and worldwide. To get a handle on the technology, public, private and university sectors are creating private testbeds and hybrid testbeds that can also be accessed by the public.

A testbed is an installation in a selected outdoor area or building of equipment for 5G communications like radio transmitter cells on lamp posts that are connected to a public or private telecoms network.

A private 5G testbed works by allowing the connection of 5G enabled devices of all kinds including phones and computers to develop and try out applications. 

Please see below for information on three testbeds in Tay Cities Region. They are:

Outdoor - Slessor Gardens, Dundee

Indoor and outdoor - Scotland 5G Centre, James Hutton Institute, Perthshire

Indoor - Abertay University, Dundee

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Tay Cities Region 5G Testbeds: Slessor Gardens, Dundee - Outdoor

In 2016, Dundee City Council secured £2M of funding from the Scottish Government to invest in digital connectivity  - a 5G testbed and free public wi-fi in and around the Central Waterfront and the City Centre.

Slessor Gardens is:

  • At the cutting edge of capability for current 5G networks, backed by a 1Gbps fibre connection. 
  • A private network – exclusively reserved for R&D and innovative use cases. 
  • Offers good coverage across much of the central waterfront area of Dundee - between Dundee Train Station and the Tay Road Bridge, and between the Caird Hall and the edge of the Tay. 
  • Opens opportunities to enable use cases across a range of sectors thanks to its high bandwidth and low latency – including smart cities infrastructure such as advanced traffic systems, VR/AR technology, events and environmental monitoring.


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Scotland 5G Centre, James Hutton Institute - Indoor and Outdoor

JHI is an ideal location for 5G use case demonstration in Agritech (Rural) – utilising the multifaceted nature of the location to best effect. This testbed location can inform disruption not only to farming communities, agronomists, but environmental monitoring and conservation, utilities management, transportation and logistics, emergency response and public safety, rural tourism and manufacturing supply chains and will service these sectors. This fills the technical gap in the 5G Testbed and Trials programme, by extension in a remote rural setting in a field-based approach to innovation.

Scotland 5G Centre have complimented this by ensuring availability of, and effective access to the Dundee initial testbed site (Urban) and give associated technical support and infrastructure so that they are both technically and operationally effective. We do this by supporting Tay Cities understanding of the connectivity landscape in Advanced Wireless Connectivity and scale tangible solutions to local challenges to position Tayside regions investment to drive economic growth.

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Abertay University, Dundee - Indoor

Abertay University’s 5G network is part of the School of Design and Informatics, leaders in education in computer games and cybersecurity. The standalone and private 5G network is then well positioned for applications that exploit computer games technologies and require secure data management. The pilot core is located in our Emergent Technology Centre with a mix of games technology hardware, AI compute and software and adjacent to our virtual production studio with industry-standard motion tracking and LED wall/volume. Areas of interests include but are not limited to: 5G enabled IoT, 5G enabled performance and broadcasting and 5G enabled gaming.

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