Dundee has positioned itself as a modern, forward looking city with an increasing number of knowledge economy workers. However, many of Dundee businesses fall into the micro/small/medium sized categories and it has been identified by the EU that E-business is key to the future development of the SME sector. By using ICT and particularly e-business SME’s have a greater opportunity to develop – they are able to buy and sell over the internet, reduce costs and boost productivity and manage change effectively.

In response to this, and as a result of consultation with local businesses, Digital Dundee was formed to work with some of the city’s small and medium sized enterprises to identify further ways they can harness e-technology to improve their business processes and increase their competitive advantage.

The project has a number of distinct strands. It not only works with SME’s but will also act as an Observatory for them in terms of identifying new business processes and keeping them aware of the benefits. This includes initiatives such as e-procurement, WIFI projects, marketing using e-commerce, internet based sales, etc.

The strategic vision for the initiative is to create a ‘dynamic, innovative and competitive regional economy where people and businesses are well equipped to face the challenges of new and emerging European and international markets, thus enhancing the region’s longer term economic development capability.