Collaborate Dundee


We all know that working together can produce results more than the sum of the parts. But finding partners and expertise is a bit like a jigsaw puzzle. Relationships take work and we can absolutely help make conversations happen.  

We don’t just hand out a list of names. We get involved as much or as little as suits you and break down barriers. Actually in Dundee you won’t find many or even any of those. It’s also about spotting opportunities and ways to bring together different  disciplines, cultures to make the most of them.

Dundee already has the prized ‘20-minute neighbourhoods’ that is a goal of planners everywhere. In other words, people gravitate towards places where there’s easy access to work and leisure whether on foot or by bike or car.

Paul Durrant, CEO of the Dundee headquartered UK Games Fund says:

"This makes for really effective networking. And we're doing all that from fantastic facilities and a fantastic location. That’s pretty hard to beat.”

We'll be adding more information to help you start your Collaborate Dundee journey.

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