Pocket Garden released from Cobra Mobile

Cobra Mobile has just released their exciting, all-new puzzle matching and sorting game Pocket Garden 
for iPhone and iPad. Get it here - http://bit.ly/19FjPlm

Lovingly hand-made for iOS, Pocket Garden offers a unique, addictive mix of puzzle matching and sorting
fused with the fun of creating, building and maintaining your very own garden in your pocket.

Check out Pocket Garden on YouTube - http://youtu.be/HkzNTgjN50M

Pocket Garden is Cobra's most exciting product to date. The simple mix of a highly addictive puzzle matching
and sorting game combined with longer term building and town based quests really makes Pocket Garden a
must play title on mobile and tablet. Now you really can simply touch, tap and swipe your way to the garden
you've always wanted.

Pocket Garden is available now and is  Free-to-Play, so what can you grow today?

What the previews said;
- "I'm impressed with Pocket Garden"
- "it's got the warm and friendly trappings of a casual game"
- "there's genuine skill involved in its puzzle action"
- "once Pocket Garden's seed is planted, it can be hard to remove"

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