Pixel Pushers - Exhibition to take place at Hannah Maclure

Pixel Pushers  March 28 - May 9

4J Studios

Ken Fee

Chris Goodswen

Gareth Hector

Ian McQue

Alex Ronald

March 28 - May 9

The artistic and creative qualities of digital artists can be overlooked by spectators, the popular misperception being that it is a purely technical or process driven art form and that somehow the, ‘computer does it all for you’. Pixel Pushers shows that concept artists draw inspiration from a tremendously diverse range of sources.

This exhibition collects artwork from 5 renowned and practicing artists – all of whom have strong ties with Dundee - to demonstrate that be it for illustration, modelling, games or books, it is the artists’ unique vision and style that is the driving force behind their art, with technology simply another brush in their palette.

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