Introducing Dundee’s Latest Startup: GoRoadie


Introducing Dundee’s Latest Startup: GoRoadie

An introduction to GoRoadie

I’m Michael Carr and I am the Co-Founder of Dundee’s latest startup - GoRoadie. I started GoRoadie ( along side Barry White, with the aim of helping driving students in the UK find the right driving instructor for them. Think AirBnB for driving instructors.

In the last six months we have been testing and growing in Dundee, and recently we have been gaining some traction. Over the last few months we have helped over 150 students start driving lessons, with 12 different driving instructors within Dundee. 

Over the coming weeks and months we have a few goals; on-board more driving instructors, and launch in a second city - Edinburgh. 

The benefits of starting in Dundee

We have been in active development for a while now. With the recent traction the product has been making, I’ve started to look back and think about why stating this project in Dundee was the right choice.

We are locals! I’ve lived here for most of my life and Barry has been working here for almost five years. We know the city well, we know some driving instructors (hey, that’s how we got started), and we know thriving creative hubs around the city.

It’s a student city. Dundee is known to be a popular student city and since one of our target demographics is students, launching in Dundee makes perfect sense. Dundee is known for it’s two universities globally; Dundee University for its pioneering medical science and Abertay for its “world-leading” Computer Games Technology courses. 

We target our advertisements to DUSA, Abertay, Braes and of course; Dr Noodles. 

The people. The instructors and students have been very welcoming to our business. We have met over ten instructors for teas, coffees, beers to chat about GoRoadie — some of them multiple times. They always have time to help us tweak and make improvements. And the student’s are happy to try this product and have been giving us positive feedback. 

And finally, the history. Dundee is not new to technical innovation. Aspirin, the Radio and Grand Theft Auto all hailed from this fine city. With it’s rich past and the renovation that is taken place at the Waterfront, the new games studios always popping up — Dundee is definitely the right place to build GoRoadie.

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GoRoadie is looking for investment, if you are interesting in hearing more please get in touch with And if you are looking for Dundee Driving lessons; look no further.