InGame speakers magical session at Beyond Conference


Hosted by this year’s MC Joanna Abeyie MBE, Founder & Chief Executive Officer of Blue Moon, BEYOND brought together speakers from across the creative and digital industries to share research, personal insights and, let's be honest, some really cool work and innovation.

The first day of the four days of BEYOND 2020 attracted over 700 delegates from across 20 countries hearing about co;lectively building back better following the impact of Covid-19.

Based around the theme of Divergence, the first day of BEYOND looked at innovations in the way the world of Esports is responding to the pandemic, unveiled research on how audiences are communicated with, what happens when theatre and immersive collide, and how virtual production has and will continue to transform how we experience and create content.

Jung In Jung is an interdisciplinary artist and researcher. Her work focuses on the playful and intimate relationship with sound, movement, and interactive technology. She has presented her work at various international conferences and festivals such as ISEA (Hong Kong), xCoAx (Bergamo), Sonica (Glasgow), Istanbul Design Biennial, NEoN Digital Arts Festival (Dundee), Vivarium Festival (Porto), Athens Video Dance Project, MIVSC Sao Carlos Videodance Festival and among others.

In 2019, she joined the research centre InGAME: Innovation for Games and Media Enterprise based in Dundee, Scotland as a research and development fellow. Her research interests lie in interactive engagement, experimentation with different senses, accessibility, diversity, and inclusivity. Currently, she is involved in several projects from InGAME such as developing and testing a new Text-to-Speech plugin for dyslexic players with Lowtek Games and running the Experimental Games Lab with the partner organisation Biome Collective as a Brain Trust.

Lynda Clark is Research and Development Fellow in Narrative and Play at InGAME in Dundee. Her current research focuses on AI for writers, although she’s interested in the relationships between audiences, writers and technologies of all kinds.

Lynda was previously Innovation Fellow at the British Library, researching tools and methods for collecting web-based interactive narratives. She’s also a novelist and former video game producer. Stories and digital games are her passion.

Film4 has acquired TV and film rights to Lynda Clark's debut sci-fi novel, published by Fairlight Books. Beyond Kidding tells the story of a man who pretends he has a child to guarantee job security, before he receives a call from the police saying his child is waiting for him. The rights were sold by the publisher on behalf of Clark. The feature film will be directed by Will Stefan Smith, who recently directed Daniel Kaluuya in the short film "Two Single Beds".

BEYOND brings together projects funded as part of the UK's Creative Clusters and Audienes of the Future programmes. Dundee based InGAME is one of those Creative Clusters.

Get an overview of InGAME and all the projects at  The Story So Far - Creative Industries Clusters Programme.