Screen Ready 2023-online

Screen Ready 2023 online

Are you a location or business that wants to work with film and TV production? Perhaps you already do. Join us online for our free morning event on Wednesday, 6th December at 10am. We’re excited to welcome:

  • Tim Maskell, Scottish Location Services
  • Mat Bett, Abertay University, Virtual Production
  • Joshua Ryan-Saha, Director, Traveltech, Edinburgh Futures Institute

We’ll be hearing about media production which brings spending on locations and services and promotes the region, attracts tourism and boosts the regional economy. It’s also a chance to find out about the growing new trend of virtual production and what this means for locations. We will also hear about the Tay Cities Region Traveltech Challenge for tourism businesses to try out all kinds of technology to help with areas like getting staff and promotion.     

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