Visual Effects Research Lab in Dundee

A lab at the cutting edge - a network for post production.

Computer generated visual effects are everywhere - from media to medicine, from design to disaster planning. And now there's post in the North Sea region too.

Led by the University of Dundee's Peter Richardson, NSSP is creating a new Visual Effects research lab (VERL) and network (VERN).

VERL will undertake original research and analyse existing research. VERN will seek out industrial partners and work with them to raise awareness about technology relevant to them and how this can be used to develop new markets.

Within the media industry post-production generates major earnings. Currently this benefits certain key cities and production hubs. The industry is facing key challenges including reducing budgets, lack of managerial skills and emerging post centres in India, central Europe and the Pacific Rim. But these challenges represent an opportunity at a time when global post-production technologies and skills in the North Sea region have made dramatic advances.

Each year the North Sea region sees the production of hundreds of film, game and TV projects, attracted by the wide variety of locations on offer. VERL and VERN will be a focal point for the region's post-production sector helping projects to get the services they need.

There will be a Visual Effect Research Lab seminar on Thursday 27th. This will be free to attend and introduce the facilities and how to access the lab. If you or your company would like to attend and get more information on the VERL please get in touch or call 01382 434912

VERL and VERN are headed by Dundee University's Peter Richardson:

Studies: Graduated in Fine Art from University of London Goldsmiths College in 1989 and MA in Television in 1992.

Production: Began directing music videos in 1990 with the first ever Blur video and went on to bands such as: 808 State, The Stranglers, Happy Mondays, The Vines, Sum 41. Since 1992 directing commercials and short films including global campaigns for Proctor and Gamble, Chrysler Jeep, The Environment Agency, Eagle Moss, Pepe jeans and Wadsworth beer.

Latest projects: commercial for Nike, documentaries for Channel 4, Fox Sports, Chilli Video and Duke films. Short films screened in festivals worldwide including Hamburg, Cork, Outtakes Brazil, L.A Film Festivals, New York Screenings, Claremont Ferand France, the Cannes Film Festival and the London Lesbian and Gay Film festival.