Digital Dundee - Technology to Support Learning & Teaching

The use of technology within Dundee schools enables a range of challenging learning and teaching activities, involving a broad spectrum of skills and techniques which include research, problem solving, exploration of new and unfamiliar concepts and skills, all of which often have real life applications. Inquiry based group projects allow our learners to be creative whilst developing their core curricular and soft skills such as communications, teamwork and problem solving.

The technologies used, and skills taught, are making use of a range of platforms and resources both on and offline as well as craft, design and engineering outcomes and experiences. Pupils are developing their critical thinking skills which will support them in their learning, life and future employment and ready them for the digital industry which is thriving in and around Dundee.

Technology based learning allows for diverse learning and teaching styles which ensure that all learners are engaged and can have a sense of personalisation and choice whilst being successful. Use of technology to develop and challenge individuals’ own skills in a range of subjects allows pupils to work at their own pace whilst improving their knowledge and ability in other subjects too.

Children and young people across the city are being given the opportunity to be creative, gain entrepreneurial skills and to become innovative and critical designers of the future. These attributes are essential for our learners to be a of the digital workforce.

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