Digital Observatory

Digital Dundee works closely with a number of other organisations in the City who have formed the Digital Observatory. This ‘Steering Group’ is made up of a number of representatives from the Universities, public and private sectors with the strategic purpose of helping Dundee become recognised globally as a one of the most modern digital cities. This means having the combination of a best in class city wide technical infrastructure to support on the move connection to better than top quartile bandwidth broadband and a high level of use of new creative applications of the free flow of information.

It is strongly believed that by following this strategy Dundee will have a better than average chance of attracting and keeping the new 21st century entrepreneurs and taking full advantage of the information age. It is the same as having an energy plant or main transport link a hundred years ago: a first class broadband infrastructure and collaborative creative community is a fundamental economic advantage.

The strategic objectives of the Digital Dundee Observatory are:

  • Build a collaborative project to deliver a world-class broadband wireless technical infrastructure for the city to support on the move and high bandwidth information products and services.
  • Help establish collaborative creative communities to take advantage of the capability of the new infrastructure.
  • Spread information about digital initiatives throughout Dundee and examples from around the world to stimulate new ideas and help people make connections with what is going on.