Is Dundee is an underrated start-up tech hub?

Guest Blog - Justvenue

When we think of the tech scene in Scotland,  we probably think of Edinburgh.  But is there another gem that's been forgotten about until now. 

Dundee has been rated this week as the best place in Scotland to live.  But would you want to start your startup here?  That's the question we have been asking ourselves this week.  

It's probably best to declare that I have been a Dundonian all my life and although it could be seen that I am perhaps biased towards my little city. I have tried to make this blog post a fair representation of the city as a whole and the startup scene in Dundee.

The Community
Before we talk all things tech, it is probably best to start with the creative Industry as a whole to get a real sense of the community.

Dundee has a bustling community of art students, graduates, business leaders and people who want to help - there is a real sense of community within the creative industry.   It's really easy to find people who want to be involved in a project. 

Some key people within the creative scene within Dundee are Mike Press, Hazel White, Alasdair McGill, Gillian Easson, Simon Fraser, Alison Henderson.

Then we go into Tech specifically and we have veterans from the Gaming Industry, Tech Companies and other successful companies that have been bought or sold. 

Chris Martin, Chris van Der Kuyl, Paddy Burns, Douglas Hare, Richard Hare, Fraser Edmonson, Michael Carr,  Mike Callaghan the list goes on...

We have brilliant organisations 

We have Creative Dundee - An organisation that's there to bring people together. They arrange events called Petcha Kutcha Events in the City. That creates a real sense of community.

The Circle - A hub for charities, social enterprises, community groups and socially aware businesses in Dundee.


We have Neon Events and PHP Meet up events as well as other social media style networking and meetups.

The Universities 

We have great schools, universities and colleges that are bringing experienced graduates to the job market.

The cost of Living

In comparison to Edinburgh, Aberdeen and Glasgow, the cost of living is far cheaper than the major big 3 cities.  Meaning that Staff is more affordable, living costs are cheaper and office space is affordable.

I know you're probably reading this and wondering - I get all that, but whats the scene really like?

The Talent Pool
When you go to Edinburgh you probably think of the Fan Duals or Skyscanner of the world.   The issue with these companies being in Edinburgh is everyone wants to go work for them. 

Well, in my opinion, it is bustling and continually growing and it is only going to get bigger and better.  If I was to start another startup tomorrow I would not hesitate to choose Dundee.  

Jamie Shankland is currently the founder at Just Venue and Online Booking Platform.  Jamie has had numerous awards including Scottish Edge Winner 2018 and Young Great British Entrepreneur.  Just Venue can help If you're looking for Venue Hire in Dundee as part of your startup growth.