An innovative 3D interactive app* allowing users to explore Dundee Central Waterfront in 2018, including the interior of the forthcoming V&A Museum of Design Dundee, has been launched online.


Developed in Scotland by Edinburgh-based Luma 3D Interactive, a leading specialist 3D consultancy, the ‘Dundee Waterfront 2018’ app, which is free, is at the cutting edge of interactive mobile technologies. The free app provides a detailed insight into how the central Dundee Waterfront could look in 2018 and beyond.


Users can explore the city’s new boulevards, view the new Railway Station, explore Slessor Gardens (the new civic space) and take a bird’s eye view of the marina, new hotels, leisure, retail, business and residential areas.  The next phase of the app will go live in August, allowing users to point their devices at the V&A Dundee site hoardings to view a fully rendered 3D visualisation of the completed design museum.


Mike Galloway, Director of City Development at Dundee City Council said: “The 3D app is an astonishing piece of technology that unveils how Dundee Waterfront will look in the future.  We are expecting a surge in tourism and visitor numbers as the waterfront develops, so the app will allow prospective visitors or investors a chance to virtually visit and experience Dundee Waterfront now”.


Philip Long, Director of V&A Dundee said: “"This app helps bring V&A Dundee and its superb location on the waterfront at the very heart of the city to life‎ in a fun and inspiring way. In creating Scotland's first design museum, we want to embrace the latest interactive digital technologies ‎to showcase and celebrate the best of Scottish innovation and design."


Kevin Archibald, Production Director at Luma 3D Interactive said: “We have created a 3D app that is at the forefront both technically and creatively in this field and will help take the Dundee Waterfront Project to a much wider audience. It’s great to work on a project of this profile that allows us to demonstrate how Scotland is leading the way in this design technology.”




Dundee Waterfront continues to progress to plan and to schedule.  A number of new buildings are being developed, including H&H Properties residential development, the new railway station and V&A Dundee.  A growing number of investment enquiries from businesses and entrepreneurs – many new to the city – should result in a range of new enterprises opening during the next few years.


Dundee is expected to attract £1billion tourism revenue during the coming decade, creating demand for hotels, hospitality, leisure and service businesses.  V&A Dundee will be a key driver of tourism, and help stimulate opportunities for new businesses keen to invest in these sectors.


Thousands of new jobs are being created together with a wide range of new career opportunities. Creating a city with a vibrant economy in which the next generation can thrive and prosper has been at the heart of strategic planning.


The ‘Dundee Waterfront 2018’ app can be downloaded at:








 * Developed for iPad and Android - optimised for retina display, iPad4+ and Android Tablets 4.4+ (kitkat)